Portnorma – Janelas em PVC Rehau e Redes Mosquiteiras Neher

Tilt and Turn


The use of Roto perimeter hardware in casement windows, both in the active and passive sash, allows for greater tightness of the window.
Easy to handle, casement windows are suitable for areas of high noise and aggressive atmospheric conditions.
Replacing old aluminum or wooden windows with Portnorma/Rehau efficient windows provides incomparable thermal insulation and compliance with all energy efficiency requirements, also ensuring great security for your investment.

high thermal and acoustic insulation profile
  • 5-chamber system with steel reinforcement
  • 70 mm or 80 mm deep profile (ring as an option)
  • Various types of leaves: round, straight or Austrian
  • Accommodates various types of glass (thermal, acoustic and security)
  • Variety of colors and finishes through films or lacquered
  • Thermal conductivity: Uf = up to 1.3 W / m² K (standard reinforcement)
  • Superior thermal and acoustic insulation due to 5-chamber profiles
  • Suitable for low energy houses
  • Energy savings: up to 56% (comparison basis: wooden window with Uw =2,7 W/m²K)
  • Variety of finishes, adapting to all types of architecture
technology and sustainability for home and environment
  • 7 chambers in the frame and 6 in the leaf for increased insulation
  • 80 mm construction depth for an elegant style
  • Designed to create windows with multiple shapes and colors
  • Possibility of placing glass up to 44 mm thick
  • Double perimeter seal (AD) for reliable protection against drafts and moisture
  • Thermal conductivity: Uf = up to 0.94 W / m² K
  • Energy savings due to increased thermal insulation
  • Tranquility with excellent acoustic insulation
  • Provides cozy, comfortable and safe spaces
  • Considerably reduces energy expenses for heating and cooling spaces and adds value to your home
  • Reduced thickness of 117mm to let in more natural light
system that meets the highest thermal and acoustic requirements (triple glazing)
  • 6-chamber system with unprecedented stability due to rau-fipro® material
  • 86 mm deep profile with three levels of joints that optimize thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Material made of high-tech fiber rau-fipro® on the inside and co-extruded rau-pvc outer layer
  • Glazing spacing up to 66 mm, suitable for triple glazing installation
  • Used in combination with suitable glazing, the geneo system is suitable for passive houses and areas of intense exterior noise
  • Thermal conductivity: Uf = up to 0.85 W / m² K
  • Energy savings: up to 76% (compared to wooden windows / polymeric materials with Uw = 2.7 W / m2 K)
  • The application of triple glazing allows an incomparable thermal and acoustic insulation. Accommodates various types of glass (thermal, acoustic and security)
  • Great creative possibilities through the placement of decorative films
  • Various opening models (windows, doors, lift-up sliding doors)
  • Lightness when opening and closing the window, due to innovatively placed gaskets
  • Adapts to the new demands of architecture, combining modern design with the excellent insulation of PVC windows
  • Reduced expression of the profiles due to its high technology (115 mm)
  • High-quality surface that is smooth and easy to clean