Portnorma – Janelas em PVC Rehau e Redes Mosquiteiras Neher

General Advice


for new Portnorma windows
First cleaning advice

After assembling the framework, the protective sheet must be removed from the profiles. In the case of new construction works, it is possible that plaster or cement residues may remain. This should be carefully removed with water and a non-abrasive household cleaner to ensure the joints and fittings work perfectly. Portnorma has cleaning products for Rehau profiles (contact us for more information).

Advice for ventilation

Portnorma-Rehau windows and doors guarantee an airtight seal and contribute to saving energy when heating houses. For this reason, it is necessary to ventilate the house correctly in order to achieve a healthy environment.

Shock ventilation system

Opening the windows of the home at the same time allows the air to be renewed in a few minutes. This type of ventilation minimises energy loss and saves on heating costs. In this short space of time, the elements do not get cold.

Long life ventilation system

The tilt-and-turn opening means that air renewal is scarce and the window has to be open for a long time. This can cause the indoor climate to cool down more quickly.

Advice for use

Lubricate, at least once a year, all the moving elements of the fitting, maintaining the ease of opening and closing.  Portnorma provides maintenance services (consult us for more information).

By following our advice and recommendations you will, in future, have windows that look impeccable and always function properly.